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Chairman & Managing Director

Today’s corporate are looking for people who are forthright, dedicated, skilled and hardworking. The Post Graduate Diploma in Management program at Kohinoor Business School (KBS), Mumbai occupies an imperial position by imparting quality business education, relevant to the realities of the corporate environment. Since the course hybrids managerial and economic theories supported by practical applications, the school facilitates positive and growing interaction with the business houses, research institutions and planning bodies- national as well as international.

In our Business School we passionately deliver world class education and living experience which is student focused. Keeping this goal in mind the state-of-the art facilities and other amenities have been developed accordingly. Here we teach students how to develop, conduct and utilize knowledge in a global economy.

As we admit limited number of students, they have the advantage of getting individual attention and support of faculty members. Here is a one-time chance for those students who want to make a difference. We would be pleased to consider your admission to the program.

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management Admission Mumbai

Unmesh Joshi

Chairman & Managing Director, Kohinoor Group